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Art, science, technology and the city. Key elements for artists’ inspiration

Arts et Sciences? Thierry Besche

Les « choses dites » (celles de la science), ce sur quoi on a prise… /… tout cela constitue un « savoir pour pouvoir ». L’art a un autre but : il s’oppose à la science, non pour la contredire, mais pour la contre-faire, pour pallier sa carence, à l’endroit qui nous est le plus sensible et le plus nécessaire.
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The union between arts, science and technology: an opportunity or a need in the near future? Thierry Besche

The ongoing digital revolution profoundly changes our relationship with the world, it shakes up the individual and collective practices of all the lines of business in society.
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L’être absent et le trop-plein de l’étant Edwige Armand

We will question the similarities and differences between artistic and scientific approaches, and we will try to prove that art is a process of gaining knowledge and it opens the possibilities of modes of appearance.
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